Covid-19 and Blue Pine Retreat:

Coronavirus has brought a huge change in this world. We have been staying at home for more than a year and boredom has grasped all of us. If you want to get rid of this boredom and have a safe and hygienic stay in a hill station for a few days, then don’t think twice and book your hotel in Charkhole. Charkhole is a beautiful hill station and Blue Pine Retreat is one of the best hotels here. Blue Pine Retreat has taken all the necessary precautions to protect its tourists from Covid-19 and provide a safe and hygienic stay.

Cleanliness and hygiene:

Blue Pine Retreat has common places like a beautiful lobby, a front desk, staircases, bathrooms, a restaurant, and hallways. All these are cleaned frequently as there are high-touch points and our guests prefer to spend time here. These places are sanitized and disinfected regularly. Guests are our priority, so disinfection kits like sanitizers and temperature machines are kept in front of all the entrances of common areas such as the banquet hall, lobby, and stairs.


Our staff members wear a face mask and also a face shield all the time. They also use plastic gloves depending upon the situation. If they are asked to bring water bottles or any other necessary items to the guests, they wear all these three and sanitize their hands before handing them over to the guests. They always keep a safe distance from the guests and our front desk executive has put a protective barrier in front of his/her desk keeping the safety and hygiene of the guests in mind.


Rooms are disinfected daily. Sanitization of TV remote control, telephone, hanger, hairdryer, tables, and chairs are thoroughly implemented as those items are used by all the guests. Blue Pine Retreat is considered to be one of the best resorts in Charkhole, thus, guests there, are treated with extra care and emotional touch. After the departure of every guest, rooms are cleaned properly before the arrival of the next guest. We must make your trip a grand one and a safe one too. So, Blue Pine Retreat has taken all the safety measures to prevent the spread of corona among its staff and guests.


Blue Pine Retreat has a multi-cuisine restaurant with a range of delicious food items. To maintain social distancing, we have arranged the tables far from each other. Thus, all the guests seat apart at a safe distance. The tables, chairs, and counters are disinfected before and after use. The kitchen staff wears masks, hats, and gloves while preparing and cooking the food.


Blue Pine Retreat has embraced all the necessary possible precautions based on the government policy to fight against this pandemic called Covid-19 and is trying its level best to keep its guests and staff safe.