Importance of a vacation:

A vacation is the best way to unwind all the strings of the brain. The heart also needs to breathe freely leaving the hassles of urban life behind. So, it becomes essential for everyone to replenish the body and set the soul free at times. You need to take a break from reality and visit a tranquil destination like Charkhole or Lolegaon to ease your mind. Mother Nature’s blessing helps us restore balance in life.

The location:

Nature has never failed to surprise us. The blue sky, green valley, hills, and the aisle of pine, oak trees are some soothing elements for the eyes. It helps us rejuvenate and revitalize ourselves. Nature purifies our souls and kicks us for a fresh start. Hill stations have a different charm when it comes to a yearly trip. So, book your hotel in Charkhole and enjoy the rest of your trip keeping all your worries aside. A hill station gives a feeling of thrill, adventure and, quietude. You get a chance to witness the most beautiful sunrise and sunset there.


A proper atmosphere for relaxation is very important for a memorable trip. Blue Pine Retreat, a luxury hotel in Charkhole is famous for its serene and pleasurable atmosphere. The calmness of the green valley outside the resort will help you unfold your mind. The clear view of Kanchenjunga from the resort is its USP. The peaceful space will inject positivity in you. The interference of cool weather will fill your head with peace.

Hotel services:

Who doesn’t want to be pampered? Day-to-day life hardly allows us to pamper ourselves. Blue Pine Retreat treats you like a king or queen and gives you a feeling of royalty. Your vacation with them will give you a chance to spoil yourself with their pampering and you will feel that resort to be your kingdom.


Good food is essential to celebrate freedom away from reality. The luxury resort in Charkhole offers you a vast range of mouth-watering and delicious food. They have appropriate food for all the occasions. Starting your day with a grand breakfast on the lap of nature is something euphoric. Isn’t it? A royal lunch with your family will enchant your mood. Dinner with some wine will complete your day and make your night brighter.


Sightseeing is a big part of your vacation. So, a comfortable car is your necessity. You don’t have to search for a good car here and there; Blue Pine Retreat will arrange it for you so that you enjoy your trip to the fullest. After you come back in the evening, get freshen up and get ready for the next phase of enjoyment. Why open the bottle in the room? Sit in the dark instead and the members of the resort will organise a bonfire session especially for you. Roasted chicken and some wine, sounds perfect, right?
So, don’t wait, book your rooms now and enjoy your holiday on top of the hills and forget about everything else.