An experience to be remembered:

With the different shades of Kanchenjunga, green valleys, and hills it is evident why a honeymoon in Charkhole is a perfect choice for couples. Your stay in an affordable yet luxury hotel in Charkhole will help shape your honeymoon experience. There are sundry attractions of nature that you can explore of course, but when it is about your honeymoon, you might spend maximum time in and around your honeymoon suite. Blue Pine Retreat, a luxury resort in Charkhole is a perfect destination for newly married couples out there.

The view of Kanchenjunga:

Blue Pine Retreat is situated in such a place that Kanchenjunga can be seen from each corner of it. This is a beautiful place to stay in Charkhole as the resort is surrounded by huge hills. The vast green valley in the front will soothe your eyes as it seems that nature has put on a gala green dress. The greenery, various shades of Kanchenjunga at different times of the day will provide you with a sense of tranquility. The chirping of birds throughout the day and the vast range of Kanchenjunga visible from your honeymoon suite will leave you awestruck. Days, when the sky is clear, the view from the hotel is unparalleled. The amalgamation of clouds and tall hills during foggy days has its own beauty. So, if you are a hill lover and want to spend personal time with your beloved keeping everything aside, don’t think twice to choose Blue Pine Retreat.

The silent darkness and bonfire:

During the night we all know that it becomes risky to roam in hill areas, as wild animals come out of their shells in search of food. So, the only option for us is our hotel. Blue Pine Retreat will organize a bonfire session for you. Hills all around, Barbeque chicken, the silence of chilly darkness, a cool breeze passing by, bonfire, and the company of your life partner, doesn’t it sound like a picture-perfect date? This is an affordable hotel in Charkhole with all the facilities that will make your stay a worthy one.

A lobby where you can enjoy for hours:

There is a long lobby in the resort which has a library and the library consists of various books. You both may spend time there and giggle for hours keeping the hills a witness. Let nature be a constant companion and just let it go. Let your busy reality remain opaque for a few days and enjoy your honeymoon sitting with your loved one on a comfortable couch and hookah stand right on the table.

Add on:

All the modern facilities are available in Blue Pine Retreat like laundry, 24×7 running hot water, and cars on request, etc. There are many worth watching sights in Charkhole that you must not miss on your honeymoon. If you need a car for sightseeing, the luxury resort will arrange it for you and make your trip a smooth one.